Grand Central North Tickets
the Birdman
Couple in the Doorway
Little Owl
Shapes At the Met
Sleeping in the Church
Street Sweeper
Man In The Shadow
Boy In A Car
Doing Our Best
Brocante (Second-hand)
Man At The Vessel

Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz

Discovering I had a talent for Photography, back in the 1970's, was quite unexpected and, for me, became an exciting means of self-expression. I photographed my family, neighbors, friends, and familiar things I saw in the neighborhood. I took classes at the School of Visual Arts on black and white film and darkroom processes.


Many years later, with the advent of digital photography, my passion for Photography was rekindled.  I studied at the International Center of Photography, and took several workshops, both in the U.S. and abroad. Initially, I photographed landscapes and birds, but later transitioned to portraiture and Street Photography.


What fascinated me about people on the street, was how they interacted with each other and within a given scene. Sometimes it was the colors that caught my eye; other times it was the shapes, architecture and reflections. I’m always searching for the perfect confluence of the people and the setting they are in.


My work has been featured in several galleries on Long Island and recently in NYC, and has led to several awards including the Fabian (Larry) Adler award, first prize in an Art Guild show, and several honorable mentions. I’ve had work published in local magazines, calendars and the Nassau County District Attorney’s annual report.


I am a board member of the Long Island Center of Photography and the Nassau County Camera Club.