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Grand Central North Tickets
the Birdman
Couple in the Doorway
Little Owl
Sleeping in the Church
Street Sweeper
Man In The Shadow
Boy In A Car
Doing Our Best
Brocante (Second-hand)
Woman In The Light
Boy In Dappled Light  copy
People at the Oculus
Woman In Front

Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz

Discovering I had a talent in Photography in the 1970's, was, for me, quite unexpected.  Growing up in a musical family, it never occurred to me to study Visual Arts. After the birth of my son, I purchased a 35 mm film camera, and studied Basic Photography and Darkroom at SVA in NYC. I enjoyed developing film, and printing in a makeshift darkroom.


Many years and stages later, my work, which has become strictly digital, focuses on Portraiture and Street Photography. I’ve taken many courses on these subjects, at the International Center of Photography.


What fascinates me,  photographing people on the streets of NYC,  is how they interact with each other, and how they respond to me and my camera.  I find I am attracted to colors, shadows, reflections, and shapes, within the architecture and geometry of the City streets.  I’m always looking for the perfect confluence of the people and the setting they are in.  Their expressions, clothing, and body language gives many photographic possibilities.


My work has been exhibited in galleries on Long Island and NYC, in magazines, calendars and annual reports.  


I am a board member of the Long Island Center of Photography.



Instagram :  @susankozodoysilkowitz

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