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You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
Tree in Winter
Stony Brook Harbor
Statues Gather Together
Rue du Chat qui Peche
Sarah Queens Village
Renaissance Woman
Old Bethpage Village
BigTree Little House
Gas Pump
Dutch Reformed Church

Howie Pohl

My photography is entirely analog in nature.  I shoot with black and white film and produce gallery prints entirely in my home darkroom.  My technique is the same as when I began in 1985.  “Limited” to black and white film, I search for texture, shading, contrast and, since the manipulation of prints is limited, say, compared to artists employing Photoshop, I try to capture the best image possible at the time I press the shutter button. While my techniques are traditional, my subject matter encompasses many realms, centering on found objects and landscapes, but including portraits, architecture, animals, and abstract works.  To me, film has an indelible quality that still resonates with my artistic sensibilities.  The process of creating prints in a physical darkroom setting still excites me even though it is highly impractical compared to modern methods.

I worked alone until 2015 when a friend encouraged me to enter competitions.  I’ve had some success and seen more of the work of others, which serves to expand my sense of what to photograph.  The works of LICP members have been a great boost to my creativity.

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