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The Swimmer
The Night Crawler
Tar Beach
A Simpler Time
If The Truth Be Told
Morning Coffee

Alan Richards

My work may be classified as New Media Art. It uses multiple digital photographic images  or segments of images  and/or drawings that are fused to create a single composite image. The images may be playful,  satirical, or of a more serious nature.   I try to tell a story with each image.


My work has been in numerous galleries and museums. In particular, I have been awarded several  best-in-shows at the Salmagundi Art Club in Manhattan, and have been shown at the Nassau County Museum of Art and the New Britain Museum of American Art, among others.


My work is primarily based on photographic images. I either take the images myself or sometimes I use vintage images combined with my images. The images are often supplemented by digital drawing. This gives the images an interesting feel in that the starkness and simplicity of the drawing is juxtaposed to the detail of the images.



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