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Diane Luger

Randy Ilowite

Marc Josloff



Fall Inspiration


As we move into the Fall season and adjust to the light fading into darkness earlier

each day, I find myself searching for new inspiration.


Ironically, I found a photographer in the Spring (April) edition of LFI magazine,

Fred Mortagne (aka French Fred).


I was drawn to the magazine because I was so intrigued by the cover image. 

(shown below)


As I leafed through the pages, each image was a composition in black and white, so sophisticated it was almost intimidating. His clean, minimalistic graphics, eye-capturing moments in architecture and everyday life is what I strive to achieve in my own photographs but seem to fall short when I see the brilliance of Fred’s photographs.


He came to photography through skateboarding.

As the journalist for LFI Katrin Ullman wrote, “He got a great boost when he finished

third at a photography competition where the jury chair was none other than Rene Burri.”

Katrin also describes his approach to photographing the architecture as a love-hate relationship. “No décor, stucco, protrusions or disturbing irritations-these facades are unadorned, surfaces are clear with defined contours.


“They are visually relaxing”—Fred Mortagne


“Mortagne portrays a playful and often surreal side of concrete, achieved through surprising perspectives…capturing the mundane in order to satirize the rigid surroundings, and documenting perfectly normal human activity”. —Katrin Ullman


Here a few of Fred’s Photographs for those of you that are unfamiliar with his work.

I hope you find new inspiration to rekindle life in this season of transition.

(Since I found it difficult to find these images on the internet, I photographed them in the magazine to share here.)