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Joseph Neumayer

“I tell stories with pictures;

create images that connect."


The directives of Robert Frost and

Alexey Brodovitch provoke me.

André Kertész and Thomas Jefferson

influence my point of view.


Robert Frost said: "The thing is

to get among the poems

where they hold each other apart

in their places as the stars do."


Brodovitch said: "Never show me anything

I have ever seen before." and "Astound me!"


Jefferson chose "to place before mankind

a common sense of the subject in terms

so plain and firm as to command their ascent."


André Kertész did not take photographs...

he felt them; meeting and embracing reality

in a graceful, refined—and playful manner.


My mantra and intention?

"Eliminate the obvious. Illuminate the elusive."

What I find worthy of my spirit, energy

and life's purpose is to pursue the essence

of a subject or an experience.

— Why else am I here?


"A 'plein air Surrealist', I continue to learn.

It's an artist's life." — jwn

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