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I asked fellow members at the Long Island Center of Photography if they would be interested in participating in a book of photographic images that visually captures the Corona Virus Pandemic we are all living through. I suggested that we try to reflect the feeling as well as the reality of this 2020 “new normal.” Is it possible to express humor, sadness, loneliness or longing by aiming our cameras at everyday scenes while attempting to document the effects as well? Thirteen members responded with images that in the future will remind us all of the good and bad experiences we had during the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.


Randy Ilowite


Ken Davidoff, Francine Feiner, Judi Feinman, Randy Ilowite,

Marc Josloff, Carolyn Karsten, Seymour Levy, Howie Pohl,

Alan Richards, Jeffrey Rothburd, Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz,

Susan Tiffen, Joan Weiss

link to Blurb Book Preview;



Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 2.07.42 PM.png

Cover and Book design by Randy Ilowite

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