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John Micheals

John is a retired New York City art teacher. He received his BA in Art in 1968 and his MS in Elementary Education in 1971, both from the City College of New York. In 1998, he received a Certificate of Photography from Nassau Community College.

During the past several years his work has been in dozens of juried exhibits.

In addition to several solo shows, he has been invited to exhibit at Lord & Taylor, Molloy College and the Long Island Museum. His work has been cited by the NY Times and has been published in Paumanok II (an anthology of poetry and photography about Long Island).

John is a former president of the Long Island Center of Photography and continues to be an active member. He has donated work to the Connected Warriors' Foundation and The Retreat.

John's words best describe his thoughts about photography:

Some only see the ordinary,

I see beauty in the ordinary. 

Some overlook the obvious,

I embrace it.

Some see the light,

I am only a servant of the light.

Some want images to last forever,

I record them for a fleeting moment.

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