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In the Doorway
Baby in Hat
Holi Celebration in Sunglasses
Girl in Traditional Hat
Flying Hair
The Curl
Lady in sari

Judith Feinman

Judi developed a serious interest in photography after her first trip to Africa. She soon became a member of the Freeport Camera Club where she gained knowledge about her craft. More recently, she has become a member of Long Island Photography Meet-up and the Long Island Center of Photography, continuing to burnish her skills and sharpen her artistic vision. In addition Judi has taken courses at the International Center of Photography, Palm Beach Photography Center and has attended travel workshops and conferences. Her skill set includes proficiency with Adobe Photoshop, which she utilizes to enhance her images.

​Judi  has had two solo exhibitions at the Freeport Memorial Library and has been a participant in many group shows. She was the recipient of a first place award from the Photographic Federation of Long Island in the Digital Portrait Category. In addition to exhibiting her work, Judi has given presentations on Adobe Photoshop for the Freeport Camera Club.

​Judi’s favorite subjects are people, especially those she meets in her world travels. Her objective is to show the person beneath some of the stereotypes that others see. Consequently, her portrait subjects are recognized for their intimacy and details such as the penetrating eyes. While some of her images are saturated with color, others are bathed in grainy black & white or rich sepia tones.


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