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Central Park 6 feet apart
Dance the Floor
Light Fissure
Green Envy

Andrea Fortunoff

Artist bio:

Andrea Fortunoff is a native New Yorker, an architect, photographer and dancer. Given her first camera at 12 she developed a passion for photography. After graduating from Tulane University with a B.A. in Systems Theory Andrea worked in the New Orleans area as a computer systems analyst. Returning to New York and school, Andrea graduated from Pratt Institute with a B.A. in Architecture and worked in the tri-state area as a registered architect for 30 years. Andrea is currently an exhibiting member of BJSpoke and Fotofoto Galleries in Huntington, NY.


Artist Statement:

I believe that photography, like all art, tells a story. The job of a photographer is to elicit 

an emotional connection from the viewer and to pique your curiosity and command your focus on the story being told.

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