Chair, Rod and Outlets
Antique Toilet Paper
Neat Patio
Venetian Lightposts
JHS Kids w Puppy
Family Experience at the Met
The Joy of Motion
The Love of Ballet
Shoe Shine Man
Drakes Cakes
Nathan's Famous
Rainbow in Monochrome

Marc Josloff

I am a photographer, painter and art educator. My recent photographic work has me converting color images to subtle sepia-toned compositions. Often when I do this I find that many photos that appear to be all about color are actually stronger visual statements after I remove the color. This alteration makes the lighting more dramatic and the textures more engaged in the narrative.

I really have no one favorite subject category; I enjoy captures wherever I am and whatever surrounds me, but I do have a preference for compositions that are structured with and defined by simple geometric and/or irregular shapes.

I love that photographic art enables me to create quiet mysteries within a rectangle.