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Shoe Repair Window, King St
Mystic Interior with Diagonal Apron
Historic House Cabinet w Still Life
Shelf Decoration
Hydrant and Lily
Dear Squirrel Full Body
Dorothy's Garage
Dead Gladiola Grouping
Old Coins in Small Container
Egg Shell Spotlighted
Crumpled Trace Paper
red pepper core

Marc Josloff

I am a photographer, painter and art educator. My recent photographic work has me de-saturating color or converting color images to subtle sepia-toned compositions. Often when I do this I find that many photos that appeared to be all about color are actually stronger visual statements after I remove some or all color. This alteration makes the lighting more dramatic and the textures more engaged in the narrative.

I really have no one favorite subject category; I enjoy captures wherever I am and whatever surrounds me, but I do have a preference for compositions that are structured with and defined by simple geometric and/or irregular shapes.That is probably the common denominator in my compositions.

I love that photographic art enables me to create quiet mysteries within a rectangle.

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