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Barry Feuerstein

The primacy of the picture plane, color and structure are the abstract principles paramount to his artistic endeavor. “For me working in the studio in conjunction to creating art is a spiritual, meditative experience.”             


Barry Feuerstein’s journey parallels the evolution of the history of art for over 30,000 years, from early cave paintings and objects through the major periods of Medieval, Renaissance, Impressionist, Cubist, and Abstract Expressionism, up to modern Contemporary Eclecticism. Influenced by several artists and writers. The artists are Paul Cezanne, Robert Motherwell, Edward Weston, Arron Siskind  and Cy Twomley. The writers are Loa-Tzu’s - Toa Te Ching, Henry David Thoreau’s - Walden, Walt Whitman’s - Leaves of Grass and Samuel Becketts; Waiting for Godot.”

Titles such as Hadron Collider, String Theory, e=mc2, Dark Matter and Frank Gehry Ghost reflect the source of inspiration from metaphysics, science and the natural world: particle physics, mathematical principles (such as String Theory, the Golden Section and Fibonacci Symbols) and Global Warming (i.e. Climate Change). These subjects infuse the paintings and photographs.


The concept of the flatness of the picture plane, color, texture and the meditative process are the abstract principles that are realizes in his art. “That has been my driving obsession…… of ideas in abstraction, spirituality and science.” 

The common thread of primitive/modern concepts runs throughout Feuerstein’s work. On another plane the nature of Abstract Art is an interpretation of civilization’s collective experience, from prehistoric times up through the modern era.

Abstract art is simply the highlighting of an intrinsic part of all art. A painting or photograph may appear to represent something tangible and “real,” but the nature of Abstract Art is to go beyond the real to depict an object as a combination of color, and form. All art is an abstraction, an illusion. Photography and Painting is a means of expression that utilizes a visual language, using symbols, colors and textures to elicit the reactions, thoughts and feelings of the viewer.

“That singular moment when the mass of the universe was but a singles spec     13.9 billion years and eons and an infinite phantasmagorical instant of     immense proportion expanded in the known and unknown……”

  “The Beginning of Spirituality & Art”


    From the Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu


“The Tao is like an empty container

it can never be emptied and can never be filled.

Infinitely deep, it is the source of all things.

It dulls the sharp, unties the knotted,

Shades the lighted, and unites the all of creation with dust.

It is hidden but always present.

I don’t know who gave birth to it.

It is older that the concept of the”…. (Universe).



El Vocio Existential …The existential void …an existential moment of choice.

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