Two of Kind
Old Age
Music Lady
Coney Island
Damaged Wing
Bridge Walker

Harris Grossman

Henri Matisse said that painting is a form of communication, a language.  Photography is the way I communicate my thoughts and ideas. I came to serious photography late in my life. My entire professional career had been based upon exact written and verbal communication. I now found myself drawn to a different approach. I have taken my love of taking photos and transferred that emotion into serious photography. I have had private tutoring sessions with a professional photographer, read extensively about photography and I study the masters of the art. I also practice, practice, practice. 


The single biggest influence in my photographic life is the Long Island Center of Photography. The members have been gracious with their time and expertise. The work submitted at the monthly meetings and exhibitions has been both inspiring and informative. I hope to continue to grow and to create unique and interesting photographs.